Query all your data with one language

No coding and minimal training.

Seqwa brings fast and simple data access to everyone with natural language querying. You can ask questions related to the data, and plot simple yet powerful visualizations. The only skill you need is your ability to ask a question. Not sure what to ask or how to frame the question? We have your back. Just type in some keywords and let our autocomplete assistant lead you through. You can now do Business Intelligence with natural language.

Seqwa generates and performs SQL operations to present the result in a neat and understandable format. For Relational Databases like MySQL, and Oracle, Seqwa performs complex JOINs on several data tables to give you exactly what you need.

AutoML: Train and deploy Machine Learning models without writing a single line of code

Make faster and better decisions

Machine Learning has never been easier. You select a few options from the easy-to-use interface and let Seqwa handle the complex task of feature extraction, feature transformation, feature selection, hyper parameter tuning, cross-validation, and deployment.

Seqwa takes care of everything. So you can quickly train and deploy models.

Share your insights, dashboards and much more

Seqwa makes sharing possible in several ways:

1. Build dashboards

Build dashboards easily with a few clicks.

2. Share the ability to perform natural language queries

Are your key stakeholders interested in learning more from your data? You can share the selected data source and others explore your data. Let others do business intelligence with natural language.

3. Share your insights

Share your insights with anyone in the same group

Connect multiple data sources

Seqwa provides a unified natural language interface for all the supported data sources. You will never have to write a single line of code or get a certification for a BI software. All you need to do is upload a file or provide connectivity details.

Connect to any of these data sources:

  2. Relational Databases: MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SAP HANA and Microsoft SQL Server
  3. Data Warehouses and Data Lakes: Amazon S3


Access insights from any device with a web browser and access to the internet. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is lightweight and works on low-performance devices.

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Easy to use

Search through the generated queries using keywords or frame a question in natural language for Seqwa to answer. Business Intelligence with AI. Focus on the key data points and let Seqwa process complex operations behind the scene.

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Choose from Fully Managed to Self Managed and anything in between. Manage some or most of the components of the needed infrastructure by yourself.

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Ready to use

Review generated queries without worrying about framing the right questions or identifying the data points for visualization.

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Securely connect your data sources through the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Application Program Interface (API). Seqwa applies all the best security practices to ensure your data is secure.

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Customize the application to suit the needs of your team and your company. Lets us know which functionality and features you need to get the most out of Seqwa.

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Lite and Logical

Interface with your data through Seqwa with making any changes to your data. Seqwa is your thin layer logically separating you from your data.

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Read Only

Rest assured your data is safe from any unintended and unwanted changes through our application. Seqwa only reads and never writes back to the data source.

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Scale the application as per your performance and data size requirements. Or set a fixed amount for your budget and let Seqwa manage your resources.

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Single Interface

Authorize data access per individuals and departments. Share query results and insights with anyone in the company or outside.

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Save time and money

Seqwa can help you get data insights faster so you can make quicker decisions and save you money with intelligent resource allocation.

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Be data-driven

Seqwa makes accessing data insights easy so you can focus on taking decisions and be data-driven. Use your intuition and Seqwa’s data insights to guide your decision making. 

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Build a knowledge repository

Seqwa can make your data warehouse into a knowledge repository. The data knowledge is thus easily accessible to authorized users.

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Challenge your team

Free up your data team from mundane and repetitive reporting tasks and challenge them with building advanced analytical models.

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Data as a strategic asset

Begin your company’s digital transformation now and do it the right way with Seqwa. Let Seqwa turn your data into a strategic asset. Take an unassailable advantage for the foreseeable future. 

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Dig deeper

Don’t let prepared reports or slow visualization process stop you from investigating more profound insights. Explore the data quickly and in depth.

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Keep it simple

Both the data and data analytics are complicated. Seqwa can simplify data analytics so you can focus on decision-making. 

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