Save time and money

Seqwa can help you get data insights faster so you can make quicker decisions and save you money with intelligent resource allocation.

Current software tools provide modest gains in productivity but still, expect you to have a certification. Having expertise in Data Viz or BI software barely brings minor productivity gains. You still have to identify the correct data source, scan through the schema to select the data points and select the chart type. If you are dealing with relational databases that have multiple tables, then you will consume more time performing additional SQL related operations before you get to the visualization. Experts and analysts generally spend hours or days creating dashboards and reports.

On top of this the cost of hiring experts, purchasing high-end hardware, acquiring licenses, training fees, and certification fees make a slow process expensive. You may spend a considerable amount of money getting reports which you may use only a small section to make your decision.

Seqwa can help you save time and money. Seqwa provides a simple, easy-to-use and minimal interface. You can search through generated insights with keywords and ask natural language queries. Seqwa will answer you with the appropriate charts, tables, and descriptions. You don’t have to stress over learning technical skills, waiting for reports or missing out on a valuable insight.