Gain valuable insights and develop data strategies for fraud detection, loan processing, delinquency prediction, and other major challenges.

Your challenge

The most significant challenges banking leaders face at the organizational level are loan application assessment, delinquency prediction, and fraud detection. At the department and individual level, the challenges vary from improving regular activities, planning and setting goals and allocating resources.

Data is crucial when you are addressing these challenges and it matter regardless of what unit you are leading whether it is the Retail BankingCredit Monitoring, Portfolio Management, Risk Management, Economic Intelligence, Business Development, Customer Acquisition, or Wealth Management.

You will spend a lot of your cognitive energy studying dashboards and reports. If you need specific information which is not part of the reports, you face two more challenges: getting the information in time and getting the correct information. It may take hours, days or weeks to get actionable insights from your data team. On the other hand, if you are unsure of what questions to ask the data team, you may be wasting valuable time and effort.

Your opportunity

Imagine communicating with your data as you would do with a person. Starting off with a vague idea and exploring questions generated with Seqwa help you get acquainted with the data. Asking specific questions in natural language with common words and terms for deeper insights.

Imagine visualizing loan metrics, comparing portfolio earnings by city, industry or other groups, measuring the success of customer interactions, and doing a lot more.

You can do all of that in Seqwa without having to learn a new technical skill nor knowing what is in your data.

Your role

If you are a Retail Banker, you have several responsibilities like supervising and training your staff, giving financial advice to your customers, promoting banking services and many other day-to-day operations that take up most of your cognitive resources. Having actionable insights at the right time can have a significant impact on your productivity and decision-making ability, thus letting you have more time and cognitive ability to do better at the other aspects of your job.

If you are the Chief Economist or the Head of your bank’s Economic Intelligence unit, you will have to oversee all the research with an overwhelming amount of data. Seqwa can help you get results faster and lead your team with clear deliverable data goals. If you know what you can learn from the data, you can ask your team to do more in-depth analysis and also direct them to collect data for new data points for analysis.