Improve your productivity and operations with actionable and easy to access knowledge from your data.

Your challenge

The Pharmaceuticals industry is one of the most data-intensive industries. Data collected in Clinical Research, Quality Assurance, Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales, and Distribution is immense.

Leaders in all the departments need information as fast as they can get to adapt. Working with the regulatory authority, the sales teams, distribution channels, marketing teams, and manufacturing teams means a lot of data needs to be exchanged to better understand the factors affecting each department and make better data-driven decisions.

Having access to immediate insights and information can help leaders make better decisions to better allocate resources, focus on critical factors, take proactive action, and improve overall productivity.

Your opportunity

Imagine if you could communicate with the data and easily gain insights without learning technical skills or spend hours even if you were technically proficient.

Seqwa will be your goto data analyst who turns data into an accessible knowledge repository. To use Seqwa, you neither have to learn a new technical skill nor know what is in your data.

You can start with a vague idea and merely ask questions with common words and terms as you would do when speaking to a person. You can go through pre-generated questions, query suggestions, and graph visualization to gain new insights without any technical assistance or know-how.

Your role

As a Clinical Researcher, in addition to working on coordinating research activities, interacting with patients and other day-to-day activities, you will also have to collect data and analyze it. With Seqwa, you can analyze data faster and affect changes and decisions. You will improve your productivity and act faster.

As the Sales Manager, you will have to gather relevant data and analyze it to better match your efforts to results. You can drive your Sales team to better performance and allocate personnel in a better way.

As the Manufacturing Operations Manager, you will have to quantify the impact of new or changed activities, understand performance bottlenecks and take decisions on personnel allocation. Seqwa can help you get to the information faster so you can focus on making decisions without waiting for the Analytics or Data team to provide a report.