Analyze data faster to improve merchandising, manage inventory and set appropriate pricing. Understand customer interactions to enhance customer service.

Your challenge

Inventory is every retailer’s crucial asset. Having access to data and insights can help managers manage inventory growth and improve inventory turns.

Successful retail companies also depending on the ability of the management to design a viable and actionable business strategy. The management in all departments including Merchandising, Customer Service, Human Resources, Logistics, Purchasing, Store Management, and Controller need simple & easy access to actionable insights for making decisions.

Your opportunity

Imagine communicating with your data as you would do with a person. Starting off with a vague idea and exploring generated questions to help you get acquainted with the data. Asking specific questions in natural language with common words and terms for deeper insights.

Imagine analyzing market data, inventory turns and doing a lot more.

You can do all of that in Seqwa without having to learn a new technical skill nor knowing what is in your data.

Your role

If you are a Merchandising Manager, you have to develop merchandising strategies, train employees and manage inventory. In addition, you have understand sales trends and data to manage your product line. Having actionable insights can help you better understand trends and create real-time strategies.