Project Manager

Make yourself and your team data-driven, take faster decisions, identify & manage issues and deliver successful projects on time.

Your challenge

Project Managers require a managerial, organizational, analytical, technical and inter-personal skill set. You are mainly responsible for planning, scheduling, implementation, and post-implementation processes. Budgets, tasks, team management, training, and advising are some of the duties.

You need data insights at the right time to make your decisions. You have a competing list of priorities and adding data to the list is a challenge. Data brings with it complexity, information overload, and associated fatigue.

You want you and your team to be data-driven. You want to be able to make decisions faster to deliver successful projects.

Your opportunity

Imagine if you could communicate with the data and easily gain insights without learning technical skills or spend hours even if you were technically proficient.

Seqwa will be your goto data analyst who turns data into an accessible knowledge repository. To use Seqwa, you neither have to learn a new technical skill nor know what is in your data.

You can start with a vague idea and merely ask questions with common words and terms as you would do when speaking to a person. You can go through pre-generated questions, query suggestions, and graph visualization to gain new insights without any technical assistance or know-how.